New Dad Macaulay Culkin’s Past Comment About Having ‘Asian Babies’ Makes People Cringe

“She’s Asian, so I’m gonna have tiny little Asian babies. It’s going to be adorable,” Macaulay Culkin said in 2018

Macaulay Culkin
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song are officially parents, announcing the birth of their son Dakota on Monday. But Culkin’s been talking about having kids with Song since 2018 — and those resurfaced comments have not aged well.

Although, to be fair, they weren’t really great to begin with. In an interview with People in August 2018, Culkin was extremely open about his desire to have kids with Song, even going so far as to say: “This one’s a good one, so I’m probably going to put some babies in her in a little bit,” Culkin said at the time. “I mean, we’ve definitely been practicing.”

Then, Culkin noted how excited he was about what the race of their future children would be. “I’m going to have some pretty babies. She’s Asian, so I’m gonna have tiny little Asian babies. It’s going to be adorable — a bunch of Sean Lennon’s running around the house, that’s what I’m looking for,” he said, referring to the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Following the announcement that Culkin and Song had indeed given birth to a son — a pregnancy that was kept fairly well under wraps — the comments resurfaced on Twitter, drawing harsh criticisms. “Congrats I guess,” said Jeff Yang.

Among the replies to Yangs tweet, many a cringe gif.

Others called out the problem in Culkin’s comments more directly, criticizing the actor for fetishizing Asian women and implying that all Asian children look the same. “Tell me you fetishize Asian women without telling me you fetishize Asian women,” one woman tweeted.


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