The Return of the Lohan

Guest Blog: Lindsay's re-emergence made me realize that she’s the sole member of a once very active L.A. chapter of the Bad Girls' Club

Last Updated: June 25, 2012 @ 3:30 PM

At any given time, there are thousands of films in production all around the world, from studio pictures crammed with A-listers to indie productions and Bollywood extravaganzas.

And then there’s this little Lifetime movie being shot in L.A. that’s generating breaking news.  That’s right, Lifetime — the lady channel specializing in Army Wives, Dance Moms and Jennifer Love Hewitt. This suddenly au courant network owes its new notoriety to the trouble magnet known as Lindsay Lohan.

In a genius move that must have required therapy for their insurance people, Lifetime cast Lindsay in "Liz & Dick," their Elizabeth Taylor biopic about her battle royale romance with Richard Burton. Since then, I can’t get away from images of LiLo as Liz and hear about her issues on the set and the subsequent denials. And the re-emergence of Lindsay (I won’t say 'rebirth' until she’s sober at the premiere) made me realize that she’s the sole dues-paying member of a once very active L.A. chapter of the Bad Girls' Club.

Britney, Paris, Nicole: There was a point where every day would bring new antics that supported the 24-hour news cycle — mug shots, Vegas weddings, meltdowns. When Lindsay pledged, she was on her way to being a true star. While motherhood, maturity and pharmaceuticals have tamed some of these women, Lindsay’s still dealing with “exhaustion,” reduced to making made-for-TV movies and possibly starring with a porn star in a Bret Easton Ellis movie.  

She’s certainly being given some opportunities, but they’re the kind of consolation prizes that you need humility to accept and understanding to process. No one really knows what she’s capable of now. Before, you could see the potential and raise your expectations accordingly.  Now you see the ruins and have to imagine the city that might precariously perch on them. 

I’d prefer a media blackout about "Liz & Dick" until Lindsay does the publicity tour, looking clear and speaking coherently and maturely about her experience. Right now, it seems like things could go either way; she could end up closing down the L.A. chapter of the Bad Girls' Club or she’ll become the president emeritus. 

I don’t know if Lindsay’s reached the point of Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder resurrections. I know that I could only think of two recent success stories but many more lost careers and lives. I’m hoping that she can be the third. I can never resist rooting for the underdog.


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