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‘Revenge’ Exit Interview: Emily VanCamp, Nick Wechsler Giggle A Lot, Josh Bowman Is a Prankster and Most Beloved Actor Revealed

In new edition of TheWrap’s series, ”Revenge“ cast shares on-set memories, job perks and why shooting the ABC series is like therapy

As Emily Thorne comes to the end of her quest for vengeance and ABC closes the chapter on “Revenge,” cast members including Emily Van Camp, Nick Weschler and Christa B. Allen got a little nostalgic as they looked back on their five years on the show.

Ahead of Sunday’s series finale, the TheWrap caught up with a few Hamptons residents as they close out the beach season. What was the biggest job perk? Which cast member was universally beloved? Why was filming “Revenge” like therapy for its actors?

See those answers and more here in new edition of TheWrap’s “Exit Interview.”

Emily Van Camp (Amanda Clarke)

Describe your workplace environment..
To have the opportunity to go to work with your friends everyday for 4 years is incredible. It was perfect in so many ways. I learned a lot.

What are your favorite and least favorite pieces of wardrobe worn on the show?
I personally loved it all from the glamorous looks down to the black hoodie. Each costume was so well thought out and served its purpose for the character. Our costume designer Jill never ceased to amaze me.

If you could spare any of Emily’s victims, who would it be?
Probably those who were collateral damage in the grand scheme of things. Declan, the real Emily Thorne, Aiden, Daniel etc. Other than that I feel like she was justified in most of what she did as crazy as it was. I always loved her sense of justice and her determination.

Did you take any memorabilia or tokens from set?
I was going to take the infinity carving on the porch but it disappeared.

Which costar was the biggest distraction?
I’d have to say Nick [Wechsler] just because we are constantly laughing. We both have a strange sense of humor. It was a lot of collecting ourselves before takes but a welcome distraction on an otherwise very serious show.

Nick Wechsler (Jack Porter)

During shooting was there anything that you were told to do but couldn’t necessarily pull off?
Not in the way you might be thinking, but I felt like I had failed myself a lot throughout the show. I always told myself I wanted to be able to get to this certain level and I didn’t get it there and that’s on me. While people might have seen it and liked it, I thought it could’ve been better.

Most of the time, I thought I was failing myself. There are times when I didn’t though, like when Sam died, when I had to confront Amanda about the tapes in the hotel room, when Amanda died and I’m in the hospital… I felt really good about that stuff and the end of Season 2. I try to keep in mind that it’s not for me, it’s for the audience.

Did you take any memorabilia or tokens from the set when the show wrapped?
No, I didn’t. I heard that Emily wanted to keep the infinity carving on the porch. If I did, it would be some cocktail shaker or something. There are certain items of clothing that I thought we’re cool. I’m OK, I just want to take the friendships and the confidence I got from doing that stuff.

What is next for you?
It sucks because I want to play the game where I get asked that and my response is, “I got this and this.” But my conscience tells me to just tell the truth. The truth is that it’s back to trying to get a job. I’m not in a position to have anything lined up. I have to prove myself again. I’m going in with confidence so that’s huge for me. It’s just hitting the bricks again.

Any summer plans?
I’m going to go on a little vacation, go to see family. I am also going to ATX Television Festival at the beginning of June. I’ll going to see some friends in Sweden and hit it hard.

Christa B. Allen (Charlotte Clarke aka Charlotte Grayson)

Were your own expectations of the job met? How?
This show exceeded my expectations in every way- starting with the shock of the pilot getting picked up. Not that I didn’t think it would, Philip Noyce’s pilot was outstanding. I just couldn’t believe my luck to be involved!

Was your Wi-Fi signal sufficient?
Never! Not even on location. I’m convinced the producers had a device to interrupt the wifi in order to minimize distractions!! Kidding of course, but it was very frustrating.

Did you take any memorabilia or tokens from set?
I was very grateful to be gifted a beautiful dress from Charlotte’s wardrobe.

Best job perk?
This was the first job I’ve had with my name on a parking space. I found that incredibly luxurious… We all know the parking woes of a life in LA!

What co-star do you wish you could’ve shared a scene with?
I wish I had mores scenes with Gabriel Mann. He is a wonderful human and a joy to be around.

James Tupper (David Clarke)

Best job perk?
Shooting Revenge is like therapy; it makes you a nice person in all other aspects of your life.

Favorite craft service food item?
Any dish that’s served cold… The Cousins Maine Lobster truck came one day. We had lobsta rolls. Yum!

Did you meet your own expectations of the job? If yes, how? If not, what would you do differently?
No, I did not meet my own expectations. I was really trying for a Jamaican accent but I just couldn’t get it to work.

What scene do you wish you could’ve played on “Revenge,” and with which costar?
I have no regrets. My favorite scene was going back to the beach house four years later, and reliving the memories of shooting there when Emily was young. And working with Madeleine was magical. All of the cast became like my family.

What costar was the biggest distraction? Joking, tweeting, goofing, etc
The funniest and prankiest was Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson). The guy is really hilarious. He’s nonstop. And Nick Wechsler was our rhythm and soul. While Gabriel Mann’s Nolan Ross was the hardest character to beat up in my career, Gabriel is all heart. All three of them are tied for totally awesome.

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