RFK Slams New York Times for ‘Digging Up’ Brain Worm Story and Treating It Like ‘Recent News’ | Video

The presidential hopeful downplays the viral New York Times report from May while speaking with Piers Morgan

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke out against the New York Times’ May report on his health and 2024 presidential campaign in an interview with Piers Morgan Thursday, saying that as it relates to the viral brain worm from their report, journalist Susanne Craig “dug that up and announced it as if it was recent news.”

“It was a short discussion in a deposition almost 15 years ago in my divorce,” he said during an hour-long interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” later adding, “It was something I discovered. It’s interesting,” he added. “It had no impact on my cognitive capacity.”

The fledgling independent presidential candidate noted that the story isn’t one he would have chosen to release himself, but understands people’s interest. He said his studies since the “discussion” went viral over last month led to his understanding that “a billion people in the world have that particular parasite … It’s very, very widespread.”

No follow-up questions were asked of that assertion, other than an incredulous “really?” from Morgan, but it’s unclear where Kennedy ascertained that number. But according to the World Health Organization, there are between 2.56 million and 8.3 million people around the globe living with neurocysticercosis, a brain infection caused by the tapeworm of Kennedy’s condition. It’s particularly prevalent in Latin America.

“What my doctor said is that there are two places I could have gotten it. One was in India where I had traveled extensively, and the other was in the hog industry because I’d been litigating against factory farms in North Carolina and Utah around the country,” Kennedy posited. “And apparently this parasite is very, very common among people who are in that industry.”

As reported by the Times in early May, Kennedy’s symptoms began with brain fog “so severe that a friend grew concerned he might have a brain tumor.” Doctors identified a dark spot on his brain and believed he did in fact have a tumor; Kennedy was preparing for an operation with another doctor called and suggested he had a parasite instead.

Medical professionals the Times spoke with—none of whom treated Kennedy—believe the spot was the remains of pork tapeworm larva.

Watch Kennedy’s full interview with Morgan in the video above.


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