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WWE Star Ric Flair on the One Thing He Does Better Than Daughter Charlotte

“She can’t talk as good as me, but she’s better in the ring,” wrestling legend tells TheWrap

Regardless of what Chris Jericho’s wrestling trunks would have you believe, Ric Flair is generally considered the greatest of all time. (Sorry, Y2J — we still think you’re very, very good.) But the surprisingly humble “Nature Boy” doesn’t believe he’s even the best in his own family.

“She’s so much better than I was, it’s unbelievable,” Flair told TheWrap of his daughter Ashley, who wrestles in WWE under the name Charlotte. “She can’t talk as good as me, but she’s better in the ring.”

We shared a good laugh about that, though the proud papa is deadly serious about his mic skills. He’s also correct about at least that part. Watch the promo compilation above if you don’t want to take our word for it. Wooo!

Ashley/Charlotte is prominently featured in her dad’s “30 for 30” episode, which premieres Tuesday on ESPN. The documentary was shot just before Flair had the health scare of a lifetime — so to say he’s happy to be here promoting this thing is an understatement.

Bring up the abilities of his beloved daughter, and Flair’s smile widens all the more. Six-time WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte wasn’t always meant to follow in daddy’s footsteps, however — she was a bit of a late-bloomer, which initially irked some of her contemporaries.

“You wouldn’t believe all the s— she got for not having started on the independents at 18,” Flair recalled of his daughter’s start in the business. “She went to college, I’m sorry, and got a degree. Jesus, you know? Playing a Division I sport along the way.”

Anyone who follows Charlotte’s career can see that everyone else is scrambling to catch up to her skills. Flair credits her incredible rise as “all work ethic.”

“And she got all the partying out of her system in college,” he added.

“She orders her meals — does that make sense?” Flair continued. “She carries prepared meals with her. She’s committed, dedicated, and she works out harder– it’s insane, if you watch her work out. She’s just gifted.”

Oh, and there’s one other thing that Charlotte definitely learned from her father’s days dominating the squared-circle.

“She is invested in her image enhancement,” Flair, who himself spent $10,000 per outfit decades ago, added. “She spends a lot of money on those robes and those clothes. It makes a difference.”

Still, Charlotte’s got 10 more major championships to go if she wants to catch her dad’s total. But in terms of total days holding the title, not a chance. In case you haven’t heard, it’s a new era.

The stylin’, profilin’, limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun’s documentary “Nature Boy” is set to premiere Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN.