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Richard Lewis Turns 70 and He Wants Everyone to Know It

He also has a full head of hair

When you’re celebrating 70 years on this planet, you might not want to even think about the passage of time. But you’re not Richard Lewis.

Lewis is the kind of person who, along with his team, would send out a two-paragraph press release about your birthday.

In a press release sent out on Wednesday, the comedian and actor announced his 70th birthday, which is June 29, and reminisced a bit about his physical health, his hair and his career, which is still going.

Lewis is described as a “famed comedian” with a full head of hair. We get some insight into him as he describes running his hands through his locks “in anguish.”

The release also sought to remind people what he’s been up to, which includes starring in a new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which premieres in October, and a lineup of stand-up performances set for this fall.

You can read the entire thing below. It’s innocuous and short, but it does put Lewis back on the radar so, mission accomplished?

Richard Lewis, famed comedian with that head full of hair he runs his hands through in anguish, turns 70 years old June 29th. He still has his hair, just much less anguish. He’s a pretty happy guy.

He celebrates his 70 years, a ninth season on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, which premieres in October, as well as 50 great years of a life in comedy. Stand up performances start up in the Fall.

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