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Richard Pryor’s Wife Blasts Bill Cosby: He’s ‘Just a F–king Hypocrite

Jennifer Lee Pryor criticizes the embattled ”Cosby Show“ star on the podcast “Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend”

Jennifer Lee Pryor, wife of deceased comedian Richard Pryor, over the weekend blasted Bill Cosby, who stands accused of raping, drugging or sexually assaulting over 30 women.

“Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person … he was clean on the inside. Bill — fuck,” she told Alison Rosen on her podcast “Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.”

“He hated Richard, because Richard worked dirty. Bill worked clean,” she added.

Pryor went on to say that Cosby had a reputation for promiscuity over his decades-long career. She also said she was unaware of Cosby’s involvement in the crimes of which he has been accused, but that others in Hollywood may have known.

“Bill’s just a fucking hypocrite, and dirty on the inside. It was a well-kept secret that Bill fucked everything that moved. This kind of shit that we’re finding out about is beyond. I wasn’t aware of this kind of business,” she said. “There are people in the business who were aware of it, and they’re coming out now too. There are 34 women who have stepped forward.”

Pryor also suggested Cosby’s wife Camille Cosby, who married the embattled comedian in 1964, may have known more about his alleged crimes than she has let on.

“Of course she knew,” Pryor said. “Why is she going for the ‘okie-doke,’ as Richard would say? That’s anybody’s guess.”

As TheWrap previously reported, the comedian hasn’t been charged with any crimes stemming from the allegations. But over a decade after the first woman went public, the world has taken notice. Many of Cosby’s upcoming live performances have been canceled or postponed amid the swirling storm of claims. Netflix has postponed his special indefinitely and TV Land even nixed “Cosby Show” reruns from its lineup.

Where does Jennifer Lee Pryor feel Cosby’s career is headed from here?

“He’s done,” she told Rosen. “He’s a piece of shit.”