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‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Dan Harmon Is Executive Producing a Comedy Rap Album Because Why Not

”Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate“ is a sci-fi concept album from New York-based comedian Rob Tanchum

“Rick and Morty” and “Community” creator Dan Harmon has several small screen projects in the works, so naturally, now is the perfect time to step into the world of music too. Harmon is executive producing a comedy rap album from New York-based comedian Rob Tanchum — and that’s no joke.

“Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate” is a comedic concept rap album about Tanchum, a depressed loser from Earth, who is abducted by alien scientists (Harmon and his “Harmontown” podcast co-host Jeff Davis) who probe his unconscious mind and extract a concept album of self-loathing, id-driven rap songs.

“He could just keep going forever, he’s like tapioca pudding,” Harmon said of Tanchum. “It’s good stuff. It’s about his own maniac high anxieties and weird cathexes and it’s beautifully written,” Davis added.

Here is the official description for how Harmon, Davis and Tanchum teamed up, per Tanchum’s camp:

The album came about after Rob, a longtime Harmontown fan, tweeted an original rap song to Dan Harmon called “F**ed Yo Mama,” a reference to one of the many freestyle rap bits Dan Harmon does on Harmontown. Harmontonwn co-host Jeff Davis, who originally saw the tweet, played Rob’s entire rap on Harmontown for Dan, who loved the song and asked to meet Rob. Turns out Dan coincidentally had been working on a rap album of his own for Starburns’ newest venture: SBI Press. Rob flew to LA and collaborated on a few songs with Dan for his album. Dan loved Rob’s musical stylings so much, he asked him to do his own album for the tape of the month club. The single “IDFSG (I Don’t Feel So Good)” was soft-released in June and has already created buzz in the Harmontown universe and beyond. (You can listen to that track here.)

Featured artists on the album include Harmon, Davis, Iman Europe, Sinsay, and Kaleigh Young. The album was written by Tanchum, with music composed and produced by Superfool (Kevin Hall & Shawheen Keyani). The title of the album comes from one of George Constanza’s outbursts on “Seinfeld,” after he is coldly rejected by yet another date.

“Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate” will be released on Aug. 21, both digitally on streaming services Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc. and on cassette tape by SBI Press’ “Tape of the Month” club, which will contain 35 minutes of bonus material including alien outtakes from Harmon and Davis, a 10-minute improv scene with Tanchum and Harmon, 15 minutes of Harmon insulting Tanchum to his face, behind-the-scenes freestyles and more.

See the track listing after the “Also Read” below.

1. Intro
3. Thought Spiral ft. Dan Harmon
4. Someday ft. Iman Europe
5. Unplanned Shave
6. Yo Ambulances ft. Sinsay
7. Self Medicate/ Blackout
8. Poop Ya Pantz Dance
9. Ruined Ur Birthday
10. Dr. Patel ft. Kaleigh Young
11. Introspective Flex Outro

Deadline first reported the album news.