Ricky Gervais Provokes Twitter Flap Over Sending Prayers to Oklahoma

The comedian criticizes hashtag #PrayForOklahoma and urges people to #ActuallyDoSomething by donating to Red Cross

While many Americans have taken to Twitter to send out thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado, comedian Ricky Gervais urged users of the social media site to actually do something for them.

In response to trending hashtags #PrayForOklahoma and #PrayersForOklahoma, the proud atheist popularized hashtag #ActuallyDoSomethingForOklahoma, suggesting his 4.6 million followers give $10 to the American Red Cross' disaster relief efforts.






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Gervais, who reguarly spars with believers, began his growing online movement by responding to an MTV News tweet reading, "Beyonce, Rihanna & Katy Perry send prayers to #Oklahoma #PrayForOklahoma." 

"I feel like an idiot now," he tweeted on Tuesday morning. "I only sent money."

Gervais' message has been retweeted 14,140 times. Predictably, however, #PrayForOklahoma is currently winning out as one of the social media site's top-ten trending topics.

Reuters reports that 24 people have been killed and at leaset 240 otheres were injured as a result of a massive tornado ripping through Oklahoma City suburb Moore on Monday.