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Ricky Gervais to David Letterman: Happy Birthday, Senior Citizen (Video)

Gervais gave Letterman an age-appropriate gift during his "Late Night" appearance

Ricky Gervais brought a very special gift for the birthday boy host of "Late Night with David Letterman": a senior citizen-discount subway pass.

Letterman, who turns 65 on Thursday, laughed as he accepted the New York City Metrocard on Monday. He also noted that he had just extended his agreement to host the show, and deadpanned, "If I die during this show, in the contract, they to air that, as it is."

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"In any other job, when you're sort of too old and crotchety to care anymore, they usually move you on," Gervais responded. "But with this show, it's a positive."

Watch the video: