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Ricky Gervais Laughs Maniacally at Warwick Davis in a Frog Costume (Video)

More shenanigans from the set of their sitcom team-up, "Life's Too Short"

Diminutive actor Warwick Davis has a very good sense of humor about himself.

That has never been more clear than in the latest video released by Ricky Gervais to promote "Life's Too Short," the upcoming BBC2 and HBO sitcom that the "The Office" star co-created with his longtime writing partner Stephen Merchant.

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In the video, Gervais laughs maniacally at Warwick, who is dressed as a frog.

Adding to the hilarity of it all, Warwick — who stars in "Life's Too Short" as a twisted version of himself who runs a talent agency for little people — seems to be dressed as a frog for no other reason than to make Gervais laugh maniacally.

"I've sort of combined my two favorite things in fiction really," explains Gervais. "I love Robin from 'The Muppets' and the dwarf Warwick Davis."

This statement, and Davis' willingness to take part with a smile, set Gervais a-giggle.

"I've got my own little frog!" he said. "Oh, this is my best day ever!"