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No Date for You: Rihanna Gets Blocked by Sixers Star Joel Embiid

”She denied me back then, so why go with her again?“ baller says about his celeb crush

Sixers big man Joel Embiid dropped 26 points on the Celtics last night in road victory — and then proceeded to dunk on Rihanna.

In a post-game interview with TNT, Embiid was asked if he wanted to say anything to the young woman “who told you to come back when you’re an all-star.” After making the all-star team earlier on Thursday, Embiid didn’t feel like giving his celeb temptress — long speculated to be Rihanna — a second chance.

“She denied me back then, so why go with her again?” said an amused Embiid.  “I have to pass that and move onto the next one.”

TNT analyst Reggie Miller immediately jumped in: “Ohhh, did he just turn Ri-Ri down on national [television]… what?!”

The genesis of the Embiid-Rihanna failed romance stems from a 2014 tweet, when he said a “famous girl” told him she wasn’t interested unless he was an all-star. Ouch.

But he’s made his crush on “Badgirl Ri-Ri” obvious for a while now on social media — only adding fuel to fire.

Yes, he even referred to her as “bae” once.

After the game on Thursday night, fans quickly flooded Rihanns’s Instagram feed, tagging Embiid.

Rihanna’s Instagram feed was flooded with Embiid tags (screengrab via SB Nation)

We’re still holding out hope “JoelAnna” becomes an item.