Rihanna’s Ping-Pong Sex-Show Tweets Get Bar Owner Arrested

This is the second arrest resulting from singer’s social-media use

If you’re in Thailand and you’re doing something illegal, here’s a tip: Don’t let Rihanna in on it.

The singer’s social-media use lead to a Phuket bar owner’s arrest on Sunday — the result of her September tweets on a sex show at Thai bar Season a-Go-Go..

“Either I was phuck wasted lastnight, or I saw a Thai woman pull a live bird,2 turtles,razors,shoot darts and ping pong, all out of her pu$$y,” Rihanna tweeted on Sept. 21.

“And THEN she tried to turn water into coke in her $!! Uhh yea, all I’m saying is water went in and soda came out! I’m traumatized!!!” she added.

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It seems that she was not, in fact, “phuck wasted,” as the bar’s owner, Warunyu Jornmuang, was arrested “after the discovery of a lewd show inside the bar,” according to “The Phuket News.”

He was charged with obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit and faces up to a month in jail and a fine of $1,900, the Associated Press reported.

This is not the first arrest to result from Rihanna‘s tour of Thailand’s more sordid spots: Last month, her Instagram with a slow loris led to the arrest of two men for possession of the protected animal.