RIP Stan Lee: Hollywood Boulevard Superheroes Memorialize Marvel Icon for Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

“My dad is dead,” one man dressed up as Spider-Man laments

There’s been a global outpouring of sadness in the last few days since the death of comic book icon Stan Lee, but Jimmy Kimmel acknowledged the one demographic that’s been especially hard-hit by the news: people who dress up as Marvel superheroes.

Kimmel, on his show on Tuesday night, said “no one felt this loss more than the men and women that dress up as superheroes outside our studios on Hollywood Boulevard.”

He then cut to a quick cut of a local news station interviewing wannabe Marvel stars on the streets. “It’s really sad,” a man dressed up as Captain America said. Another man, dressed as Spider-Man, was even more emotional, saying: “My dad is died, my dad is dead.” (He may not be his dad, presumably, but Lee was the co-creator of the classic comic hero back in the early 1960s.)

That got a chuckle out of Kimmel, who added “what a loving tribute to this great man.”

That wasn’t the only “moving” tribute Lee received this week, after passing away at 95. New York City sports radio host Mike Francesa likely takes the honors for least-emotional tribute, asking “who cares?” and letting listeners know he wasn’t a “comic book guy.”