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Fans Think ‘Rise’ Is Straight up ‘Glee’ – but With a ‘Really Gritty Instagram Filter’

”Teacher bribing football player to try out for the musical. Where have I seen this before…,“ user tweets

If you tuned into the premiere of NBC’s “Rise” on Tuesday and kept wondering when Lea Michele was going to burst through the door belting out a Broadway hit, you weren’t the only one. Oh yeah, a good chunk of Twitter thought the new series is pretty much “Glee.” And that’s not necessarily a compliment.

Jason Katims’ new high school drama — starring Josh Radnor, Damon J. Gillespie and Auli’i Cravalho — was being compared to Fox’s beloved series about a crew of teens who have nothing in common but their love of song, before it even aired. And now that it actually has, well, fans of the Ryan Murphy show (which aired from 2009-2015) are singing different tunes in their reviews.

“Soooo…the pilot of #Rise is basically the same as the pilot of #Glee? ‘Let’s coerce the QB into being our lead singer by threatening his grades.’ But where are the slushies?” one viewer tweeted, pointing out the opening story lines are, well, very similar.

Others wanted to focus on their differences, like the quality of the cinematography. “#Rise is Glee with a really gritty Instagram filter,” one tweeted.

And of course, with Radnor playing the drama teacher, there was even a “How I Met Your Mother” joke — which still somehow managed to mention “Glee” too: “‘Kids, did I ever tell you about the time I was a glee club teacher in Lima, Ohio?’ Oh, wait. Is this not How I Met Your Glee Club? Is that not Will Mosby? Where is Jane Lynch? #Rise”

See some of the fan comparisons below.