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‘SNL’ Star Uses ‘Pokemon Go’ to Catch ‘Rare Minorities’ at RNC (Video)

Michael Che wanders GOP convention to play ”Trumpemon GO,“ a parody of the popular mobile game

“Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che opened up “Pokemon Go” and set out at the Republican National Convention to catch the rarest creature of them all at the GOP gathering — a minority.

“It’s called ‘Trumpemon GO,'” explained Che. “So as Trump would always say, ‘let’s round up some brown people.'”

Che said the game’s tagline was, “Catch ‘em all, get ‘em outta here.”

The comedian’s adventure got off to a rough start. “Man, there’s no black people here?” Che said. But his luck began to change when his phone started to beep as he came across an “old black dude.”

After catching an “asian man” and a “black man with selfie stick,” he began asking convention attendees if they had seen any rare minorities. He received some awkward responses, and concluded that everyone probably just wanted to keep their Trumpemons to themselves.

The GOP has continuously been criticized for their lack of diversity, and even more so after Paul Ryan’s selfie featuring a large number of GOP interns — all of whom appeared to be white — became the subject of nationwide criticism.

Watch the video above.