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Rob Gronkowski Says He’ll Return to the NFL – But Only If the Patriots Sign James Corden (Video)

Over to you, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Last Updated: November 15, 2019 @ 8:39 AM

One of the most repeatedly asked questions in the NFL this season continues to be is if former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is going to come out of retirement. And James Corden, of all people, may hold the key to the three-time Super Bowl champion’s return to the field.

Gronkowski was a surprise guest on Corden’s “Late Late Show” Thursday night, and not just because he happened to be on the CBS lot filming the host’s new sports-themed show “Game On!” this week.

The three-time Super Bowl champion, who officially announced his retirement from the NFL in March, said he’s loving his post-football career of TV gigs, working out and new business ventures.

Corden then tried to trick Gronk into agreeing to go back to the Patriots by making him blink. “There’s always a chance,” Gronkowski said.

While short, chubby Corden doesn’t boast the physical attributes you normally expect from a football player, the British-born host believes he may have missed his calling. “I watched the ‘Blind Side’ and thought, ‘No way, if I had been born in America, I would 100% have made it in the NFL,'” he told 6-foot-6 Gronkowski.

“I am big, but I am light on the toes,” the Tony Awards host continued while selling his attributes as a linebacker.

“It’s a package deal,” Gronkowski conceded. “I am only going if you are going. You can be a fullback … you can be behind me, and we just block and we run everyone over.”

Will we be seeing both Gronk and Corden wearing Patriots jerseys anytime soon? Your move, Bill Belichick.

In the meantime, Gronkowski will next be seen serving as a team captain on “Game On!,” the upcoming show based on U.K. series “A League of Their Own,” that Corden hosts himself.

Keegan-Michael Key hosts the U.S. version, with Venus Williams serving as the other team captain. Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel act as comedian panelists along with a rotating mix of sports stars, comedians and celebrities.

“Game On!” is produced by Eye Productions Inc. and Fulwell 73 Productions with CPL Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company. Executive producers for Fulwell 73 Productions are Ben Winston, James Corden and Emma Conway with David Taylor, Murray Boland and Danielle Lux serving as executive producers for CPL Productions. Gronkowski, Elle Key, Keegan-Michael Key, Henry Penzi and Venus also serve as executive producers.