Rob Lowe Explains ‘Parks and Recreation’ Departure: ‘Amy Poehler’s a Prick’ (Video)

The actor joked about the “real” reasons he’s leaving the NBC comedy on Letterman

Rob Lowe told David Letterman the real reason he’s leaving “Parks and Recreation” — and it’s all Leslie Knope’s fault.

Amy Poehler‘s a prick,” he joked.

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“That’s not true,” Letterman responded on “The Late Show” Tuesday. “She’s a wonderful woman. You’re a lying son of a bitch.”

Lowe, who plays eternal optimist Chris Traeger, is set to leave the series with co-star Rashida Jones¬†after the current sixth season’s 13th episode, which he says is shooting in two weeks.

According to Lowe, Jones — the actress who plays awkward nurse and Traeger’s baby mama Ann Perkins — is also a factor in his decision to move away from Pawnee.

“I don’t like to get into it publicly, but we hate each other,” Lowe said.

In all seriousness, though, it doesn’t sound like either Lowe or Jones are gone for good.

“We will probably come back,” Lowe said. “I mean, I’ll always come back because I love doing that show so much.”