Rob Lowe Plays Detective in ‘The Grinder’ Cold Open (Exclusive Video)

Show-within-a-show character displays a new set of skills in first new episode of 2016

Rob Lowe shows off some new, previously unseen skills in the latest cold open from Fox’s “The Grinder.”

In the latest scene from the comedy’s show-within-a-show, Lowe’s Mitch Grinder is seen jumping to some pretty big conclusions at a crime scene based on seemingly very little evidence.

Offscreen, Lowe as Mitch Grinder actor Dean Sanderson watches his own show, enraptured, along with his family, with Fred Savage‘s character Stewart once again the only one who seems to find fault with his brother’s hit series.

This time, Stewart voices his disbelief out loud, because isn’t Mitch Grinder a lawyer, not a detective? Naturally, he is is roundly shot down by everyone else.

The latest episode of “The Grinder” features the return of Timothy Olyphant.

“The Grinder” airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.