Robert De Niro Reads Mean Tweets, Tells Fan to ‘Eat S— and Die’ (Video)

He also tells one Twitter user: “Suck my c—“

As it turns out, Robert De Niro can get really defensive while reading some mean tweets about himself — and he even goes so far as to tell one fan to “eat s— and die.”

After Jimmy Kimmel debuted a special edition of his “Mean Tweets” segment halfway through the Oscars featuring Emma Stone, Samuel L. Jackson and Natalie Portman, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” decided to present an entire edition of “Mean Tweets” featuring just De Niro — because there were too many good mean tweets to pick just one.

“Welcome to my class on imitating Robert De Niro, the first step is to always contort your face like you just heard your grandma fart. Good,” one tweet read.

“Is this all you have to do in your life?” responded De Niro.

“There are now two things visible from space: the Great Wall of China and Robert De Niro’s mole,” read another tweet, to which the actor responded, “Who does this? Who are you? Are you some little f—– 15 year old with nothing better to do in your life?

“The Comedian” star said “f— you” more than anyone could count while he read tweets from fans who said he looks like a “wrinkled potato” or that he should stop doing gangster movies.

When he read one tweet that says he should “eat s— and die, you worthless POS,” De Niro responded, “you eat s— and die you f—– worthless piece of s—, because you probably are a worthless piece of s— and you feel that way about yourself, so f— you!”

And lastly, he told a fan: “You can suck my c—.”

Watch the video above.