Robert De Niro Cannot Navigate a Revolving Door on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ (Video)

We’re getting nauseous just watching him try

You would think that with Robert De Niro‘s rich New York City residency history he’d be better equipped to operate a revolving door, but he’s not.

After De Niro and Jimmy Fallon hugged out a goodbye at the beginning of a “Late Night” skit, the “Grudge Match” star did his best to enter the lobby of what appears to be either an office building or really nice apartments. He did not succeed.

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For just under a minute, the legendary actor revolves ’round-and-’round in the aptly titled sketch, “De Niro vs. Revolving Door” from Fallon’s current late night talk show. At one point in the clip, a guy who looks an awful lot like Taran Killam from “SNL” easily negotiates the same twirling barrier-to-entry that has De Niro so stumped.

Finally, De Niro gives up, exiting the dizzying pattern the same way he entered and declaring, “Fucking door’s broken.”

Fallon hosts “Saturday Night Live” on Dec. 21 with musical guest and BFF, Justin Timberlake. “Grudge Match” comes out on Christmas Day.

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