Robert Downey Jr. Can’t Keep a Straight Face in ‘Iron Man 3’ Gag Reel (Video)

A deleted scene featuring Ben Kingsley as the menacing version of the Mandarin has also hit the web

Robert Downey Jr. may have been born to play Tony Stark on the big screen, but a new blooper reel shows he still struggled to stay in character while filming "Iron Man 3."

In the short and sweet collection of outtakes, Downey breaks out his "Sherlock Holmes" accent, talks about covering the ass — and can't stop laughing.

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The video comes courtesy of the blockbuster Marvel movie's Blu-ray being released on Sept. 24. Another bonus from the film that has hit the web recently is a deleted scene featuring the mysterious Mandarin (if you haven't seen the movie yet, at least), played by Ben Kingsley.

"Prep the set," the villain says after Stark's right-hand man, Happy Hogan, was nearly killed in the blast outside the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. "Let's make television."

Watch both videos below: