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Robert Durst’s ‘The Jinx’ Confession Parodied By Seth Meyers, Funny or Die, The Onion (Video)

According to a new Funny or Die sketch, the recently arrested real estate heir also killed JonBenét Ramsey and the ”Blair Witch“ documentary crew

Robert Durst’s shocking confession that he “killed them all” in the final episode of HBO’s “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” is fueling just as much interest in making fun of him, as it is renewed interest in prosecuting him.

Seth Meyers, Funny or Die and The Onion have rushed to parody the moment caught on a hot microphone during filmmaker Andrew Jarecki‘s final interview with the New York real estate heir suspected of killing three people, and recently charged for the murder of Susan Berman.

“Killed them all. Of course I did … I am Keyser Söze,” Durst admits in the Funny or Die parody released Tuesday. “I murdered JonBenét Ramsey. Of course. Of course I did.”

The Onion didn’t need video to imagine more crazy things that Durst could have said while wearing a microphone, and dedicated an entire article to doing so.

“Robert Durst reportedly muttered his intention to murder his interviewers from the HBO special while unaware he was still wearing the live microphone they had placed on him three years ago,” an article published on the humor site read. “‘The second I’m out, I’ll shoot those moviemaking pricks that put me in here, and then I’ll saw apart their bodies and hide them,’ Durst said while in his holding cell, apparently still oblivious to the lavalier mic that has been clipped to his shirt since the April 2012 interview.”

“Late Night” host Meyers, meanwhile, empathized with Durst’s situation, because “people say weird stuff to themselves when they’re alone all the time, that doesn’t mean it’s true.”

His own admissions captured on a microphone include blowing kisses at sailors, stealing cars and making pornography. Watch the video of Meyers rattling off his darkest secrets below.