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Robert Evans – Broadway Star

Smuggler Films buys stage rights to ”The Kid Stays in the Picture“

With his large living ways, seductive purr, and epoch defining hits such as "The Godfather" and "Chinatown" Robert Evans captivated Hollywood for most of the seventies. Now, some forty odd years later, Smuggler Films is banking that his winning celluloid ways will translate to live theater.

The company has has acquired stage rights to the producer’s memoirs, “The Kid Stays In The Picture” and it’s sequel, “The Fat Lady Sang," which will be published in conjunction with the debut of the play. Award-winning director Sir Richard Eyre is set to direct with Jon Robin Baitz ("The Substance of Fire"), in place to pen the stage play. Producers are eyeing the 2010 / 2011 Broadway season for its "Great White Way" launch.

"How could one resist telling the story of a man who is part Casanova/part Don Quixote/part Horatio Alger, who produced some of the best films of the twentieth century – particularly if the story was written by Robbie Baitz," Eyre said in a statement.