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Robert Pattinson Is a Sexy Science Experiment in ‘High Life’ Trailer (Video)

Juliette Binoche stars in English language debut from filmmaker Claire Denis

In Robert Pattinson’s latest film “High Life,” he plays a new father caring for his child aboard a space station. That may sound clinical and somber enough, but seeing as this film is actually the English language debut from the French auteur Claire Denis (“Let the Sunshine In,” “Beau Travail,” “White Material”), that’s certainly not all this movie has to offer.

Juliette Binoche, Mia Goth and Andre Benjamin co-star in Denis’ “High Life,” which critics have called “eerily sexy” and which even contains Binoche portraying a crazed nurse and scientist who collects and samples Pattinson’s semen.

A24 refers to “High Life” as “a staggering and primal film about love and intimacy, suffused with anguished memories of a lost Earth.” Though the trailer goes deeper into explaining that Pattinson’s character is an outcast from society who has now been selected, along with several others, to be used in a science experiment.

“We were scum. Trash. Refuse that didn’t fit into society. Until someone had the bright idea of recycling us,” he says in the trailer.

“High Life” premiered at TIFF last year to a mix of perplexity and raves as one of the more attention grabbing titles of the year, and it was scooped up for release by A24 on April 12. Watch the surreal and unsettling first trailer above: