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Robin Wright Wanted Stephen Colbert to be Claire’s Press Secretary on ‘House of Cards’

”The Late Show“ host responds, ”Did I say no? I-I take it back if I said no. I say yes“

Robin Wright stunned Stephen Colbert on Friday night’s “The Late Show” when she told him he missed an opportunity to be in the final season of “House of Cards.”

Since Kevin Spacey exited the Netflix show late last year following sexual misconduct accusations, Wright’s character and former first lady Claire Underwood has become President of the United States… and in need of a staff of her own.

“You know, we wanted you on the show,” Wright asked Colbert.

“You wanted me on the show?” Colbert responded. “Did I say no? I-I take it back if I said no. I say yes.”

Wright teased Colbert, saying that she heard a rumor he wouldn’t audition, but would have to be offered a role outright.

“No, I won’t audition, I won’t audition,” Colbert said with a laugh.

“You would have been so great. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you were the press secretary for Claire,” she said. “How great would that be, with his humor?”

Colbert moaned in disappointment, “Oh, you gotta do another season. Oh, that breaks my heart.”

After Spacey’s departure, many thought “House of Cards” would end. But Wright said while being sensitive to the #MeToo climate, they didn’t want to let down the fans or the 2,500 people who would have lost jobs on the show.

Wright added that Claire’s arc was always meant to see her take over, be the first female president and explore the adversity she would face.

“When she ended season five and looked into the camera and said ‘It’s my turn,’ it was always going to be the exploration of that,” Wright said. “She is going to have to make friends so she can create enemies to get through this administration, and she’s up against all men.

Watch the entire interview above.

“House of Cards” returns for its sixth season on Nov. 2 on Netflix.