‘RoboCop’ Trailer Features Explosions, Robot Fights, Michael Keaton! (Video)

Joel Kinnaman is a killing machine in the first look at the 2014 remake

OmniCorp just can’t stop mucking about with robot technology.

“RoboCop,” the half-man and half-machine fruits of the company’s efforts, is back in an upcoming remake. A new trailer for the remake ratchets up the explosions and offers a more deeply realized futuristic world than the original 1987 film. It also gives RoboCop a wife and child to mourn his transformation into a sleek killing machine.

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Best of all, the movie features Michael Keaton, back from nearly a decade in the world of low-budget film and bit parts, as OmniCorp’s unscrupulous CEO.

In fact, director José Padilha has assembled an impressive cast for his overhaul, including Joel Kinnaman (“The Killing”) as the half-robot avenger, Gary Oldman as the scientist behind the RoboCop technology and, based on the trailer, Samuel L. Jackson as a guy with a penchant for waxing grandiloquent about law enforcement.

“RoboCop” hits theaters on February 7, 2014.