Rod Serling’s Daughter Responds to Brett Kavanaugh Invoking ‘The Twilight Zone’

"My father believed in decency, integrity and justice," says Anne Serling

During Thursday’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said he told investigators that new accusations of sexual assault were “ridiculous and from ‘The Twilight Zone.'” Well, the daughter of that show’s creator, Rod Serling, has something to say about that.

On Friday morning, writer Anne Serling posted a picture of her father looking over a script for the legendary CBS sci-fi show, and talked about what sort of fate she believed Serling would write for a character like Kavanaugh.

“Because The Twilight Zone has been invoked in the Kavenaugh hearings, I’ll offer this: my father believed in decency, integrity and justice,” she tweeted. “Had he written this, I assure you–there would indeed be a further FBI investigation along with some cosmic justice.”

Hours after Serling’s tweet, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve to send Kavanaugh’s nomination to a final Senate floor vote, but only after assurances to Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake that the vote would be delayed a week to allow for an FBI investigation to be conducted into the allegations made against the nominee.

As for “The Twilight Zone,” CBS announced last week that the show would be brought back with”Get Out” director Jordan Peele filling in Serling’s role as the show’s ominous host as well as executive producer. The show will be released on the CBS All-Access streaming service in 2019.