Roger Ailes’ Attorney Rips Reporter Gabe Sherman as ‘The Real Enemy of Women’

Comments from Ailes’ team come as the New York magazine reporter is writing a “major expose on Ailes and his behavior toward women”

Gabe Sherman Roger Ailes
Gabe Sherman Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes’ attorney Susan Estrich reached out to The Daily Beast with a personal attack on Gabe Sherman, the New York magazine reporter who has been out in front of the sexual harassment allegations regarding Ailes.

“This is Gabe Sherman’s last stand, and it falls flat,” Estrich emailed Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove. “Sherman has made clear that nothing will stand in the way of his vendetta against Roger Ailes, and he will use any woman he can find — no matter how clearly and deeply troubled she is — to try to concoct allegations against Mr. Ailes.”

She continued: “Gabe is running out of women he can use and abuse. Ultimately, it will be clear that the real enemy of women is Gabe Sherman.”

Ailes, the former Fox News chairman and CEO who is facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment, stepped down from the network last month, but continues to deny all claims. Sherman has documented the scandal, often getting exclusive access to Ailes’ accusers and breaking new angles.

Sherman also wrote the 2014 biography of Ailes, “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” and is preparing a “major expose on Ailes and his behavior toward women,” according to The Daily Beast. The book detailed numerous tales of Ailes’ alleged inappropriate behavior at the network he co-founded in 1996.

Mark Mukasey, another high-profile attorney, also reached out to The Daily Beast to bash Sherman.

“Gabe Sherman is a virus, and is too small to exist on his own, and has obviously attached himself to the Ailes family to try to suck the life out of them,” Mukasey told the Beast. “Roger is fine and doing well, and is not going to allow a virus like that to poison the atmosphere.”

It appears Ailes and his team are trying to discredit Sherman before his New York magazine piece comes out. When asked about the statement, Sherman told The Daily Beast: “I don’t take it personally. I’m going to keep my head down and continue to report.”

This might not be the first time that Ailes has attempted to discredit Sherman. The former Fox News boss once distributed a 400-page document with details about the property records, voter registration, lack of criminal record and wedding details of Sherman, according to CNNMoney.