5 Most Shocking Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Roger Ailes

Women share disturbing stories, going back as far as the 1960s, about Fox News chairman and CEO

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Roger Ailes is under even more scrutiny after a host of new sexual harassment allegations against him emerged on Saturday.

Ailes and his attorney swiftly denied the stories told by the six women, who spoke to New York Magazine after former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against the network’s chairman and CEO for terminating her employment, allegedly because she refused to sleep with him.

“The latest allegations, all 30 to 50 years old, are false,” Barry Asen, the outside counsel for Ailes, said in a statement to TheWrap.

Here are the 5 most shocking allegations Ailes is denying.

1. “‘You have to lay with the big boys’”

Kellie Boyle, a former Republican National Committee field adviser, said she met Ailes in New York in 1989. After meeting him in his office and going out to dinner, she said Ailes offered her a ride home and began making sexual advances.

“‘You know if you want to play with the big boys, you have to lay with the big boys,’” Boyle said Ailes told her. She added he also rattled off names of other women he had slept with. When she asked if she was expected to do this sort of thing with other men too, Ailes allegedly said, “‘Well you might have to give a blow— every once in a while.’”

Boyle closed her statement by concluding that her refusal to sleep with Ailes led to her losing an opportunity to work with the RNC at the time.

2. “Pretty girls like you are a dime a dozen’”

Marsha Callahan, a former model, said she met Ailes in the late 1960’s when he was a producer on “The Mike Douglas Show.” She was invited to his office to audition for a spot on the show and Ailes allegedly told her she would have to sleep with him if she wanted to get on the air.

Callahan said that when she refused, Ailes told her, “‘Oh, pretty girls like you are a dime a dozen.’” When she asked him if she was expected to do this with anyone else, he allegedly said, “‘Only me and a few of my select friends.’”

3. “I think he knew I was 16”

A woman who chose to remain anonymous, identified only by the pseudonym Susan, said that Ailes also attempted to engage in sexual activities with her during an audition for “The Mike Douglas Show.”

“He proceeded to pull down his pants and very gingerly pull out his genitals and said, ‘Kiss them,’” she said. “And they were red like raw hamburger.”

She then added that Ailes chased her around his office and became frustrated when he realized she would not comply.

“He finally pulled up his trousers. He was very angry and rushed over to his desk, pulled open a door and had a reel-to-reel tape recorder going,” she said. “He said to me, ‘Don’t tell anybody about this. I’ve got it all on tape.’ I think he knew I was 16.”

4. “He pulled out a garter belt and stockings and told me to put them on”

Another woman who chose to remain anonymous, identified as Jane, said that Ailes made advances toward her around 1984 during an audition for a broadcasting job.

“He had a camera set up and a little desk and a script for me. It was a cooking kind of thing, talking about food and what not,” she said. “After he taped me, he locked the door and said he didn’t want any interruptions. I figured out pretty quickly there was no job and this was just ruse. He pulled out a garter belt and stockings and told me to put them on.”

Jane then said that something sexual happened between her and Ailes, but she blocked it out of her mind because the memory was too painful. “I felt I was being used for his sexual satisfaction,” she said. “I felt very threatened.”

5. “I was afraid he was going to pin me down”

Another anonymous woman, identified as Pat, says that she met Ailes for a job interview in 1975. She claims that the interview took place at his apartment and he told her in so many words she would have to sleep with him and any other man he said if she wanted to get ahead.

“I was afraid he was going to pin me down. He was a big guy and I’m not big at all. He could have overpowered me,” she said. “I remember running out of that apartment like my hair was on fire and standing on the sidewalk crying.”

She went on to say that her fear of what Ailes could do to her career kept her silent. “He’s going to blackball me everywhere, I’ll never get another interview, I’m not good enough — all that stuff a 20-something girl thinks,” she said. “It wasn’t, ‘That guy’s a son of a bitch and I should have kicked him in the balls.”