Roger Stone Disses Barbara Bush as a ‘Nasty Drunk’ on News of Her Death

“Barbara Bush drank so much booze, if they cremated her … her body would burn for three days,” says Stone in an additional Instagram dig

Roger Stone

Trump political consigliere Roger Stone unloaded on Barbara Bush in an Instagram post on Tuesday evening just hours after her death. There, Stone wrote that the former first lady was a “nasty drunk” and posted a quote from him suggesting that if you lit her body on fire it would “burn for three days.”

“Barbara Bush was a nasty drunk. When it came to drinking she made Betty Ford look like Carrie Nation #blottoBabs,” said Stone. “Barbara Bush drank so much booze, if they cremated her … her body would burn for three days.”

The former first lady died last night after several years in failing health. She was 92.

“She said far worse things about me,” Stone told TheWrap. “Barbara Bush was a vindictive, entitled, mean spirited woman. May she rest in peace.”

Stone was banned from Twitter last year over a series of expletive-ridden tweets aimed at a number of media personalities. He has increasingly moved his most fiery content to Instagram, where he remains in good standing — for now.

The self-described political “dirty trickster” has long been a ferocious critic of the Bush family and even dedicated a full-length book documenting their misdeeds in 2016. “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty,” — came out just months before Donald Trump was elected president.

“This book is very tough,” reads an editorial review of the work on Amazon from Donald Trump.

Stone has been associated with the real estate magnate for decades and was one of the earliest boosters in Trump’s unlikely rise to the White House in 2016.

Stone’s tough rebuke of Barbara Bush is contrary to the prevailing sentiments that have overflowed on social media and beyond after her death Tuesday evening, with most choosing to remember the former first lady more fondly.