Roger Stone, Donald Trump Offer Contradicting Stories on When They Last Spoke (Video)

Has it been months since the POTUS chatted with his former adviser or “very recently”? Co-host of “The View” asks, “Wherein lies the truth?”

Last Updated: May 12, 2017 @ 2:49 PM

Add former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone to the growing list of people who contradict claims made by the president.

Stone sat down with the ladies on Friday’s “The View” and was asked for comment on the report from CNN that he was among those who pressured the president to fire FBI director James Comey, a claim Trump denied in a tweet Wednesday.

Although a White House spokesperson said in a statement to CNN that echoed Trump’s tweet — that it had been months since the two had spoken — Stone mentioned in an interview on SiriusXM Patriot radio on May 5 that the last time he spoke with the president was “less than a week ago.”

“Wherein lies the truth?” asked “The View” co-host Paula Faris.

“I’m not going to contradict the president and I’m not going to say when I spoke to him — but I would say this — I have spoken to him very recently.”

Stone wouldn’t get into what, exactly, he and Trump spoke about, but did explain why he was remaining silent. “I’m not ever going to get into the substance of those conversations and I’ll tell you why: If I do, there won’t be any more of them. The president has to believe he can talk to you confidentially.”

Stone is being probed by the FBI as part of its Russia investigation, that Comey was leading until he got fired on Tuesday. Stone, a longtime friend to Trump, has been mixed up in political controversies since Watergate and has been tied to Russia, although he denies any improper contacts with Russian officials.

“This investigation needs to go forward,” Stone said about the FBI probe into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

“I want to testify. I don’t need a subpoena. I’m not asking for immunity and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear,” he added.

Watch the clip of Stone on “The View” above.