‘Captain America’ Musical Sets Summer Opening Date for Disneyland Limited Run

The one-act “Rogers: The Musical” will have five new original songs

Rogers Musical

Fans may have only gotten a glimpse at “Rogers: The Musical” in the Disney+ series “Hawkeye,” but now they’re getting the whole shebang. The one-act musical has officially set a June opening date in Disneyland.

As part of last year’s D23 Expo in September, Marvel fans were treated to a pop-up performance of “Save the City,” a musical rendition of the Avengers — including, apparently, Ant-Man — in the infamous Battle of New York. That performance came on the heels of “Hawkeye,” which premiered on Disney+ in November of 2021, and revealed that, within the MCU, Captain America got so famous and beloved that “Rogers: The Musical” was created.

In February, Disney Parks released a teaser indicating that, as fans immediately began hoping, “Rogers: The Musical” would be coming to the parks. Now, we know that that will arrive on June 30, 2023.

Of course, where in the MCU “Rogers: The Musical” is a whole Broadway show, this version of it is just a one-act performance that will take place at the Hyperion Theater as part of Disney’s centennial celebration. It will run for a limited time.

According to Disney, the 30-minute stage production tells the story of Steve Rogers, all the way from the beginning. That means Peggy Carter will hit the stage, as well as Nick Fury — who apparently will sing in this — and select members of the Avengers.

The show will include “Save the City” once again, as well as “Star Spangled Man” from “Captain America: The First Avenger.” But, it’ll also have five new original songs written just for “Rogers: The Musical.”

In case you forgot about “Save the City,” or maybe just need an earworm for the day, you can watch the full performance from “Hawkeye” in the video below.