Mitt Romney: ‘Big Bird Is Going to Be Just Fine’ (Video)

Mitt Romney told CNN's Wolf Blitzer not to worry about Big Bird

Mitt Romney still wants to cut PBS's federal funding, but promises Big Bird will be okay.

Screenshotin an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Tuesday, the Republican presidential contender criticized a new ad for President Obama that rips Romney's "I like Big Bird" comment at last week's presidential debate. Romney said he would cut PBS funding despite personally liking its shows.

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"Big Bird is going to be just fine," Romney said. "'Sesame Street' is a very successful enterprise. I don't think CNN gets government funding, but somehow you all stay on the air."

He added: "The president is spending his time talking about saving Big Bird. … I'll spend my time talking about saving jobs, creating jobs."

Interestingly enough, Obama also accuses Romney of prioritizing the big yellow fowl over the economy. The ad released Tuesday sarcastically praises Romney for going after the "Sesame Street" bunch instead of Wall Street greed.

Sesame Workshop, which produces the show, has asked that the ad be pulled, said in a statement that is is "a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns."

PBS has said that "Sesame Street" rakes in plenty of donations and would not be too damaged if it lost federal funding. But it said rural stations, which receive more than half their budget from the government, would suffer.

Watch the interview: