DeSantis Tells ‘Fox and Friends’ He ‘Will Destroy Leftism in America,’ ‘Leave Woke Ideology’ in the ‘Dustbin of History’ (Video)

The Florida governor shares his plan for beating Trump and Biden while serving two terms

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promised to “destroy leftism in America” and leave woke ideology behind in his Memorial Day appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

When asked why he chose to declare candidacy for the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential election now instead of waiting for former president Donald Trump to serve a second term and then run, the governor replied that everyone knows if he is nominated, he will beat Biden and then serve two terms.

“I will be able to destroy leftism in this country and leave woke ideology on the dustbin of history. At the end of the day, I’ve shown in Florida an ability to win huge swaths of voters that Republicans typically can’t win — while also delivering the boldest agenda anywhere in the country,” DeSantis said. “And I think there’s a reason why the legacy media is attacking me more than they’re attacking anybody else because I think they realize that if I’m successful in winning the Republican nomination, we’re going to bring it home in the general election. And I pledge to Republican voters if you nominate me, I will be taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2025, on the west side of the Capitol. No excuses, no more excuses about why we can’t get it done. We need to get it done, and I will get it done.”

The politician also addressed his upcoming trip to Iowa to campaign for his nomination.

“We’re competing everywhere. Iowa’s very important. We’ve got an incredible amount of support. I got endorsed by 37 legislators there before I even announced my candidacy,” he said. “We obviously have a lot in common with Iowa. In terms of what Florida has done and what they’ve done under Gov. Kim Reynolds. And I think the groundswell of support has been really, really strong.”

DeSantis circled back to one of the first questions asked of him involving how different his policies are to Trump’s. He pointed to Disney as a main point of disagreement between them.

“There may be some differences with me and Donald Trump, and I think that those differences redound to my benefit in a place like Iowa. For example, you know, he’s taking the side of Disney in our fight down here in Florida,” DeSantis said. “I’m standing for parents, I’m standing for children. And I think a multi-billion dollar company that sexualizes children is not consistent with the values of Florida or the values of a place like Iowa.”

Watch the full “Fox and Friends” segment in the video above.