Ron DeSantis Says the Left Doesn’t ‘Want People to Be Happy,’ Then Awkwardly Eats Pizza (Video)

The Florida governor approached his slice from an unusual angle

Ron DeSantis Says The Left Doesn't 'Want People to be Happy' While Awkwardly Eating Pizza
Fox News

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a very unorthodox approach to his bite of pizza after declaring that the left “doesn’t want people to be happy.” As an example of this assertion, DeSantis pointed to proposed New York City legislation that would require pizza restaurants that use coal ovens to cut emissions.

“Why does the government do that?” Fox News anchor Jesse Watters asked DeSantis in an interview that aired Thursday.

“They just want to control,” replied DeSantis, who in April signed one of the country’s strictest abortion bans into law. “You have an itch on the left. They want to control behavior. … They just don’t want people to be happy and be able to make their own decisions. They were going after gas stoves in Florida. We made them tax-free. We may have to do some incentives for the coal fire pizza because you know what? We’ll take it.”

“They’re going to want us to microwave this pizza,” Watters said, holding up a slice.

The camera then cuts to DeSantis as he takes what some people on Twitter are theorizing as his first ever bite of pizza. Judge for yourself in the video below (video courtesy of @Acyn on Twitter): 

The clip comes from a Fox News segment in which DeSantis and Watters visit Grimaldi’s Pizza in New York City. DeSantis can be seen throwing a pie in a coal-burning oven himself.

Last month, DeSantis’ Republican primary opponent Donald Trump declared that DeSantis would be “working in a pizza parlor” were in not for his endorsement in 2018 when DeSantis was first running for governor of Florida. One Twitter user took note of the full-circle moment: