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Rosanna Scotto Enters Awkward Local News Anchor’s Hall of Fame (Video)

Ernie "Keep F—ing That Chicken" Anastos' WNYW colleague with equally odd comment

Remember last fall, when Ernie Anastos, co-anchor of Fox's WNYW New York affiliate, entered the viral video clip Hall of Fame by dropping what sounded like an f-bomb ("Keep f—ing that chicken") live on a 10 p.m. newscast?

Well, he may have company. Rosanna Scotto, who co-anchors WNYW's morning news, didn't drop an f-bomb this morning, but her on-air slip was just as awkward. Via Vulture:

The incident proves what I've been saying for years: local news anchors are literally incapable of ad-libbing anything.


Going viral in three, two …

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