Jon M Chu Leads ‘Star Wars’ Fans Call for Rose Tico Disney+ Series After Lack of ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Screen Time

“Put me in coach. Let’s make this series happen,” the “Crazy Rich Asians” director says

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It seems “Star Wars” fans are not happy with the direction of Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” and they’re calling for Disney, with its billions of dollars and sparkly new Disney+ streaming service, to give the character more screen time.

We’ve come to accept that the “Star Wars” community will always find something to debate, complain about, or criticize, but in the case of Rose Tico’s presence in the latest and final film (so they say) in the Skywalker saga, maybe they have a point?

“Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu, who is also helming the upcoming movie musical “In the Heights,” tweeted directly at the Disney+ and “Star Wars” accounts and calling on them to give Rose Tico her own series.

“Put me in coach. Let’s make this series happen,” Chu wrote, calling on Disney to do a Rose Tico streaming series.

On Twitter, the conversation as sparked the hashtag #RoseTicoDeservedBetter.

Representatives of Disney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Disney+ launched in November with a hit “Star Wars” spinoff series in “The Mandalorian,” and with plans for other spin offs centered around Obi-Wan Kenobi and “Rogue One’s” Cassian Andor.

After serving as a main fixture and integral part of the plot in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Tran’s character appears on screen for just 1 minute and 16 seconds (give or take) of “The Rise of Skywalker’s” 2 hours and 22 minutes runtime, according to a report by Slate earlier this week.

“The Last Jedi,” directed by Rian Johnson, was not without its vocal critics. One of the major protests of that film also centered around Tran as racist internet trolls harassed her for months, leading to the actress deleting all of her posts on Instagram and leaving the social media platform.

Despite relegating her to the background of his latest film, “The Rise of Skywalker” director J.J. Abrams said earlier this year that Rose Tico “was the greatest thing” Johnson did in “The Last Jedi.”

Tran, who is of Vietnamese descent, was the first woman of color to have a lead role in the “Star Wars” films, as more studios have made an effort to be inclusive and promote diversity. Rose Tico even had her own character poster in promotion for “The Rise of Skywalker” despite her lack of screen time.

See tweets calling for more Tico time below: