Roseanne Barr Q Score: Here’s How Much America Likes (or Doesn’t Like) Sitcom Star (Exclusive)

You love her, you love her not …

Roseanne on ABC

America really likes “Roseanne,” but do we like Roseanne? TheWrap looked into Roseanne Barr’s Q Score — a measurement of one’s likability — to find exactly that out.

The comedian, actress and awful national anthem singer has a 70 Familiarity score, which means she was recognized during a recent market research study by 70 percent of those surveyed. That’s actually far-larger than it probably sounds: Consider Mariska Hargitay, who is better-known than most of her peers, has just a 42 Familiarity score. The popular Kaley Cuoco is between the two with a 53.

So, yes, our ABC sitcom star is extremely well-known — but is Barr well-liked? No, not particularly.

With a 14 Positive Q Score, Barr is not what one would call a beloved personality. That number is not terrible, however — it places Roseanne five points below the average for a female primetime star.

(Back to our above example, the popular Hargitay and Cuoco have a 34 and 27, respectively for their Positive Q Scores. But again, they’re extremely well-liked — click here to see how more primetime actresses rated by both metrics.)

Barr’s Negative Q Score is a 36 — that one is pretty awful, to be honest. Compare it with the average for a female primetime star, which is a 21.

“Her numbers reflect the ‘stir the pot’ appeal that she has with viewers,” Q Scores Company president Henry Schafer told TheWrap. “That’s how the character and the real Roseanne are marketed.”

But just how does one gather a Q Score — a number that is commonly used to aid casting and endorsement decisions — anyway?

Well, for this one, Schafer and his team spent the early part of 2018 polling a few thousand Americans age 6 and older. Any of those who marked Barr among their favorite celebrities went in the Positive column, those who said she was one of their least favorite personalities were counted in the Negative tally. The Q Score itself is essentially just a percentage of those surveyed who said “Yes” to either extreme.

Unfortunately, one group was two-and-a-half times larger than the other — not that ABC is too concerned about it.

The “Roseanne” revival airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.