‘Roseanne’ Newbie Emma Kenney Says Her Character Inherited Roseanne’s ‘Savageness’ (Video)

The “Shameless” star plays the Conner’s teenage granddaughter

Sounds like sassiness runs in the Conner family. Emma Kenney, who plays the granddaughter on ABC’s upcoming “Roseanne” revival, told TheWrap that her character will have a combination of mom Darlene’s “sass and dry humor” and Roseanne Barr’s “fiery” one-liners.

Harris Conner is Darlene and David’s daughter, and the teenager specializes in what Kenney classified as “dark comedy.”

“I think my character has a lot of Roseanne in her,” the actress told us. “Which is really fun, and funny, to play … I just think she has Roseanne’s savageness in her.”

And yes, fans can expect to see what Kenney teased as “some moments” between Harris and her grandma.

The “Shameless” star also said that there are similarities between the Conner family and the Ghallager family that go beyond living in working-class Chicago.

“They both have such family loyalty, and such good family — you know what I mean, they’re always going to have each other’s backs,” she said. “They’re always going to be there for each other. There’s that tough love in both families, which I like to get to portray.”

Watch the full interview above.

Watch the premiere of “Roseanne” Tuesday, March 27, on ABC.