‘Roswell: New Mexico’: Kyle and Isobel Prep for Alien Surgery in Sneak Peek Clip (Exclusive Video)

Dr. Valenti and Nurse Evans are apparently on the case

When someone in the Valenti family is hiding a secret, odds are, aliens are involved somehow. Such was the case in the last episode of “Roswell, New Mexico” — and that particular secret leads Kyle and Isobel to a surgical team-up this week.

Granted, Isobel wasn’t always part of Kyle’s plans. In reality, he jetted off on his own after he and Isobel found a clue in his Eduardo’s office at Deep Sky. When Kyle arrives in Careyes, he finds an all-too-familiar artifact — an alien pod. The snag is, it appears Tezca, the third alien who’s been tormenting Roswell, is in this one.

After taking July 4 off, we return this week to Kyle mid-investigation on his discovery. But as he starts thinking things out, he hears someone coming. Of course, that someone is Isobel, who had a hunch that whatever item they found in Eduardo’s office would lead to something useful. So obviously, she wasn’t just going to sit around and wait.

You can watch TheWrap’s exclusive clip from this week’s episode of “Roswell, New Mexico” in the video above.

Perks of being one of the few doctors in the world familiar with alien tech, Kyle is more than ready to get Tezca out of the pod. He’ll just need an extra set of hands to do it.

That said, there’s a whole lot of potential fallout when she is extracted. After all, they’re thousands of miles away from Roswell — so how is Tezca in two places at once? Lest we forget, in the final minutes of last week’s episode, she’s invaded Jenna Cameron’s psyche and morphed into her body to trick Max.

Hopefully, once Kyle and Isobel get her out of the pod, they’ll be able to get some answers.

“Roswell, New Mexico” airs Monday night on The CW at 8/7c.