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Roy Moore Launches Tip Line for Supporters to ‘Report Inappropriate News Organization Contact’

“We would like to know about your experience,” the hotline’s online description says

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is fighting back against cascading allegations of sexual misconduct with women over the course of his career.

In his latest effort, the candidate has launched an internet tip-line for Alabamans to report inappropriate or suspicious inquiries they receive from the media.

“We would like to know about your experience,” reads a description of the hotline. “Please use the contact form below to get a quick response from our team.”

The form name “Report Inappropriate News Organization Contact,” does not appear on the website but it is designed to be viewed as a share headline on social media platforms like Facebook.

Since the Washington Post revealed accusations that Moore had inappropriately touched several teenage girls — one of whom was 14 years old, the candidate has worked furiously to discredit the media.

Earlier this week, news emerged that at least one local pastor had been contacted by a robocall claiming to be Washington Post reporter “Bernie Bernstein,” who was looking to pay a cash reward to individuals willing  to come forward with damaging information about Roy Moore.

“Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein,” the robocall began. “I’m a reporter for The Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5,000 and $7,000. We will not be fully investigating these claims, however we will make a written report. I can be reached by email at albernstein@washingtonpost.com, thank you.”

Of course, there is no Bernie Bernstein who works at the Washington Post. News of the imposter prompted Post Editor-in-Chief Marty Baron to issue a forceful disavowal.

“The call’s description of our reporting methods bears no relationship to reality,” Baron wrote in a statement. “We are shocked and appalled that anyone would stoop to this level to discredit real journalism.”