Trump Allies Sent a 12-Year-Old Girl to Interview Roy Moore, But Don’t Worry – She’s OK

“Millie March’s parents should be arrested for child abuse,” one commenter tweets

The right-wing America First Project, a pro-Trump super-PAC founded by former Breitbart News staffers, drew fire on Monday after posting a video interview of a 12-year-old girl interviewing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Virginia native Millie March, who drew attention on social media last year for her strident support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was sent to grill the Alabama Republican who has faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including to girls as young as 14.

“Roy Moore was just interviewed by a girl not much younger than the ones he is accused of molesting,” one commenter tweeted.

March avoided the controversy surrounding the accusations in her sit-down, the only interview Moore has granted since the Washington Post published its expose last month ahead of Tuesday’s special election to fill the Senate seat once held by Attorney Genereal Jeff Sessions.

“Are you going to support President Trump and help him build the wall?” asked March in her opening question.

“Yes,” said Moore, who added that he would suggest sending the military to the boarder to get the job done even faster.

In another segment of the video, March asked Moore’s campaign manager, Rich Hobson, about who was supporting the candidate — and Hobson didn’t miss a moment to drive home the unintended irony.

“I wish I could say it was the 11- and 12-year-olds rights now,” he said.

The spectacle of Moore being interviewed by someone not much younger than the women he is accused of sexually assaulting was too much for Twitter, which promptly exploded.