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Roy Moore Spokesman Reamed for Bible Flub, Saying Gay Conduct Should ‘Probably’ Be Illegal

Ted Crockett called ”dumb as dust“ and ”embodying EVERY Alabama stereotype“ during appearance on Jake Tapper’s CNN show hours before the polls close in Alabama

The spokesman for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore caused many jaws to drop with an absolutely bizarre CNN appearance Tuesday in which he said that his boss “probably” wants to outlaw homosexuality.

Moore, running in a special election to fill the seat vacated earlier this year by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said in 2005 that “homosexual conduct should be illegal.” Moore has never publicly walked that back, so CNN host Jake Tapper repeatedly asked spokesman Ted Crockett if Moore still believes that.

“Homosexuality is a sin in the biblical sense,” Crockett initially said. “That is where Roy Moore is in the state of Alabama.”

But, asked Tapper, “does he think that homosexual conduct should be illegal? It’s a yes or no question.”

“Probably,” Crocket said. Watch the clip below.

Crockett followed that up by revealing a serious unfamiliarity with basic U.S. constitutional law. Asked to justify Moore’s position that Muslims should be barred from elected office, Crockett said the reason is that elected officials are required to swear on a Christian bible.

“You don’t actually have to swear on a Christian bible,” the CNN host pointed out. “You don’t know that?” Crockett asked. The result: several excruciating moments of silence from a bewildered Crockett. See that exchange below.

Suffice to say, reaction to Crockett was not kind. He embodied “EVERY single Alabama stereotype” said one Twitter user. “5000% stupid” said another. “Dumb as dust” one user said.