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Roy Moore’s Spokewoman Still on CNN for Some Reason: ‘Abraham Lincoln Was Not Alive for the Holocaust’

Janet Porter defends Moore in an interview with CNN anchor John Berman

Roy Moore spokeswoman Janet Porter went to bat for the former U.S. Senate candidate on Thursday, asserting that voter fraud was the reason for Moore’s loss to Doug Jones and cited experts who she insisted said the same.

When CNN anchor John Berman pointed out that one of the experts the campaign was citing, Jim Condit Jr, was a Holocaust denier and had tweeted other questionable remarks about Jews, Porter did her best to offer a full-throated denial — even with the evidence presented in front of her.

“One of them said the Holocaust didn’t happen, he said six million Jews weren’t killed,” said Berman.

Porter retorted by denying the suggestion and directing the CNN anchor to check out “Abraham Lincoln’s Internet blog” in an apparent attempt to discredit any kind of content reported online.

“Abraham Lincoln was not alive for the Holocaust, Janet,” a mystified Berman responded.

“It was a joke,” said Porter clarifying through a forced smile.

At one point in the broadcast, Berman displayed a tweet from Condit in which he warned of “Evil Jews” in a “Jewish Shadow Government.”

“Evil Jews in the Jewish Shadow Government must b highlighted-even though-of course, all Jews are not in that. But it IS what USA is fighting.”

“Oddly enough, you’re not putting up his 39 years experience in election machines,” Porter offered as a response when confronted with the tweet. “You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who is more pro-Israel,” she added.

Despite losing the Alabama special election to Jones more than two weeks ago, Moore has pressed on. Though Jones’ margin of victory was too large to trigger an automatic recount, Moore has attempted to raise funds online to finance one himself. So far, that effort has fallen short. On Thursday, Moore filed a last-gasp legal injunction to prevent Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill from certifying the election was denied.

Jones’ victory was certified by Merrill as scheduled.

Moore had faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, including molesting a 14-year-old girl in the 1970s.

During the campaign, Porter made something of a name for herself with theatrical appearances on both CNN and Fox News. Her joust with Berman will likely be her last hurrah defending the candidate. As Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs pointed out — most other places have already moved on.