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Roy Wood Jr Reviews Pandemic Movies During ‘The Daily Show’ Coronavirus Hiatus (Video)

This is actually helpful!

Now that everyone is spending a LOT more time at home than normal, we’re looking for something to watch, especially something related to this whole coronavirus thing.

Luckily, even though “The Daily Show,” like every other late-night show, is on a pandemic-mandated hiatus, the show’s staff members are still putting out content, including Roy Wood Jr., who on Thursday posted reviews of three classic plague movies, including what to expect in terms of bleakness.

First, he looked at Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 thriller “Contagion,” about which Wood said: “Now, if you’re looking for hope in the midst of all of this COVID-19 nonsense, do not watch this movie.”

Wood did like the “stacked” cast, which he said includes: “Gwyneth” (Paltrow); “the white girl from ‘Titanic’ that let Leo DiCaprio die” (Kate Winslet); “Walter White” (Brian Cranston); and “Matt Damon, but I’m not sure if he was talking in a Boston accent in that movie.”

Wood’s verdict: “Overall, if you’re worried about catching that ‘rona, watch another movie. It is too close to home.”

Next, the 1995 movie “Outbreak,” which he found notable because “the President in this movie has a big idea – he’s gonna stop the virus by bombing the city that it’s in.”

“Please don’t show this movie to Trump,” Wood joked.

The final movie Wood reviewed was Danny Boyle’s 2002 movie “28 Days Later.” “It’s a bunch of zombies running around England, and they eating everybody’s brains,” Wood said. “Which I completely understand if you’ve ever had British food. They eat beans with their toast.”

It’s funny stuff and you can watch it all above. Meanwhile, if you’d like some more recommendations for movies to watch in these wild times, check out TheWrap’s list of virus outbreak movies, including ‘The Seventh Seal’ and ’12 Monkeys.’