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Royal Overload: 87% of World’s Newspapers Put Wedding on Cover

Of the 789 newspapers surveyed, 688 covered the wedding on their front pages; 101 ignored it | SLIDESHOW

The Royal Wedding, as you'd expect, was featured on virtually every newspaper cover in the world on Saturday.

Of 789 front pages I looked at on the Newseum.org website, 688 of them — or 87 percent — covered the wedding, while 101 did not feature the Royal Wedding whatsoever.

The most popular image used by those that did was "The Kiss" (335), though there were a few — including the Times of London and New York Times — that opted for a shot of the happy couple speeding away from Buckingham Palace in a convertible Aston Martin.

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Some — like New York's Daily News — did full, double-cover fold-outs; many, such as London's Guardian, billed them as "commemorative" editions hoping to goose sales. (Like it did for its website, the Guardian offered print readers with Royal Wedding fatigue two supplemental magazines and "seven sections with no royal content whatsoever."

And at least two — the Philadelphia Daily News and Chile's Las Ultimas Noticias — chose to focus on Kate's sister, Pippa, who was effectively introduced to the world media for the first time at Friday's wedding. (My personal favorite was the New York Post, which used the cranky bridesmaid for headline fodder.)

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It's worth noting that while the aftermath from this week's deadly tornados was covered by many, it was certainly not the lead story for American newspaper publishers — except in Alabama, where William and Kate were barely a blip on front pages filled with coverage of the devastation. In fact, just three of the 10 major newspapers in the state even mentioned the Royal Wedding at all.