‘Royal Pains’ Star Mark Feuerstein Previews Kardashians on Finale: ‘They’re Their Own Tone’ (Video)

On this new episode of “Drinking With the Stars,” the USA show’s actor teases Tuesday’s season-ender

“Royal Pains” fans are in for a packed season finale on Tuesday according to star Mark Feuerstein during this episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars.”

The financial collapse of HankMed, Hank’s (Feuerstein) concierge doctor business, was averted when Boris (Campbell Scott) announced he had bought the hospital, but Hank wasn’t convinced that he should also join the hospital’s board of directors.

“We’re going to get into it in the finale in the first few scenes,” Feuerstein said. “Boris has always sucked me into his web of intrigue and mystery. And I think Hank’s argument would be “with Boris, you never know how far it’s going to go. It’s not just going to be a position on the board, it’s going to take over my life and I just met this beautiful woman, Charlotte… and I’m in love. So, maybe I have bigger fish to fry.”

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And there will be family issues. Sister Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) has disappeared and fans don’t exactly trust her.

“People have really been wondering if she’s good or sketchy,” he said. “And we’re coming out on one side of the debate in the finale.”

Also, E! stars Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick guest starred on the finale.

“We know how huge they are in popularity,” Feuerstein said. “And in rear ends, she says it herself. She’s very funny. She talks about her tranny makeup… It was great to have them on the show. They were so sweet… They couldn’t have been cooler. It was a blast to have them on-set and they couldn’t be cooler.

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Watch the interview above.

USA Network’s “Royal Pains” airs it season-ender on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.