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Trevor Noah Calls Rudy Giuliani the ‘Anus’ of Ukraine Investigation: ‘Everything Passed Through Him and It Stinks’ (Video)

‘The more Giuliani speaks, the more he implicates Donald Trump,” the ‘Daily Show’ host joked

Last Updated: October 1, 2019 @ 9:36 PM

President Trump is in the midst of an impeachment investigation, but it was his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, that the “Daily Show” scrutinized Tuesday night.

“Has Giuliani also done enough to be impeached?” host Trevor Noah asked. He then donned a wig and judge’s robe to put the former New York mayor on mock-trial.

Noah said Giuliani has been charged with three “counts.”

The first “count” accused Giuliani of being the ringleader of the entire circus, citing the fact that he was mentioned 30 times in the whistleblower complaint and met with seven Ukranian officials.

“It appears that Rudy Giuliani was the anus of this entire operation,” Noah declared. “Everything passed through him, and it stinks to high heaven.”

The other “charges” levied against Giuliani included “making things worse for his client by saying far too much on TV” and “being one crazy-ass motherf——.” As evidence, the show presented a montage of Giuliani’s interviews since the impeachment investigation was announced, showing Trump’s lawyer getting agitated, interrupting hosts, and even admitting to contacting Ukraine.

‘The more Giuliani speaks, the more he implicates Donald Trump,” Noah said. “He’s like the conservative Tekashi69,” he added, referencing the artist who accused fellow rappers Jim Jones and Cardi B of being gang members.

Check out the segment above to see Noah’s final ruling on Giuliani.