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#RunningManChallenge: The Best Videos We’ve Seen So Far of the Viral Dancing Sensation

People will take any excuse to dance badly on social media

Do you know about the #RunningManChallenge? If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen a few examples of it in the last few days.

The idea is similar to the Harlem Shake a couple years ago, with people posting videos of themselves doing the Running Man dance to Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo,” often in public or in whatever awkward setting they can come up with.

For whatever reason, the #RunningManChallenge has been particularly popular with police departments around the world, from Los Angeles to London and beyond. But, of course, anybody can get in on this, and a lot of other folks have.

We’ve assembled some of the best examples of the challenge below, and you can see one of the most popular examples of the social media sensation, courtesy of Miami Police Department, at the top of this post. Check ‘em out.